X-Emulators ~ “Xemu”

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Emulators running on Linux/Unix/Windows/OSX of various (mainly 8 bit) machines, including the Commodore LCD and Commodore 65 (and also some Mega65) as well.

Written by (C)2016,2017 LGB (Gábor Lénárt) lgblgblgb@gmail.com Source repository: https://github.com/lgblgblgb/xemu

Xemu also contains code wasn’t written by me. Please read this page to get to know more, also with my greeings for any kind of help from others: https://github.com/lgblgblgb/xemu/wiki/Copyright

Xemu is licensed under the terms of GNU/GPL v2, for more information please read file LICENSE. You can find the source on github, see above.

Note: there is nothing too much common in these machines. The only reason that I emulate these within a single project, that I can easily re-use some of the components needed, that’s all! Also, the list of emulated machines is simply the preference of myself, what I would like to emulate, nothing special about my selection.

This file is only some place holder :) For some sane documentation, please visit the wiki section of the project, here: