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Size: 10430299
sha1: 37277e949d446173bf6e8e610d1b62ba59c78954
Size: 4889840
sha1: aa54263c2921dedf672330483390fe72cc38d754
Size: 4286752
sha1: c19c424544184aa3feeef9fbbbc403593aa4e176
Size: 10569352
sha1: 8a456cd4d195450403cf3b38e3e6f20a8b77e10d
Size: 4064304
sha1: 951624fa24a5553f7c92a8ace89b31d07907d44d
Size: 434309
sha1: eef936bf7132df1c65c73633cc5dabf53ffa2cbd
Size: 4850328
sha1: 4cabcd89732043d3dd02c496ab460783b6c8d3f1
Size: 2233665
sha1: fdf6c4d7d762a8b872a1cd1bd5d1a2868c62d3be
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Released in Mar 19, 2014