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Linux apps that run anywhere. Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. Distribute your desktop Linux application in the AppImage format and win users running all common Linux distributions. Package once and run everywhere. Reach users on all major desktop distributions. http://appimage.org/
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Open source voice communication software
Omron Blood Pressure Manager. Tired of the Omron original software because it's only available for Windows and requires an internet connection for uploading your private health data into the cloud? Then try OBPM for free and use it on Windows, Linux and MacOS!
Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording.
OpenNX is an open source drop in replacement for NoMachine's NX client. It is compatible to the original client in that it uses the same syntax for the session configuration files (.nxs files). OpenNX is distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License v2.1. OpenNX is written in C++ and uses the excellent wxWidgets toolkit. Compared to the original client, it also adds some additional features which improve usability.