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Linux apps that run anywhere. Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. Distribute your desktop Linux application in the AppImage format and win users running all common Linux distributions. Package once and run everywhere. Reach users on all major desktop distributions. http://appimage.org/
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Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it's transmitted over the Internet.
Synergy is software for sharing one keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.
TeXstudio is an integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents. Its goal is to make writing LaTeX as easy and comfortable as possible. This package comes bundled with TeX Live so that you don't need an existing LaTeX installation in order to use this.
A tiling terminal for Gnome
Thunderbird is an email client that allows you to read, write and organise all of your email messages. It is compatible with most email accounts, including the most popular webmail services.
Transmission bittorrent client runs natively on multiple operating systems.