Docker repository for PCP containers - generally there is one PCP container for each PCP service, i.e. collector (live monitoring), pmlogger (archive logging), pmie (rule based alert service), and more.
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Apache web server with a minimal PCP pmcd and the PCP apache agent pre-installed and configured. This is layered on the pcp-standalone container and is intended to run without special privileges.
PCP base container image. This uses a specific Fedora version, and is intended as the base image for all the other PCP containers (i.e. they are layered on top of this one). Don't run this container directly.
Container for starting PMCD, the PCP collector daemon service, layered on pcp-base.
PCP container with Go and Speed installed and running the example instrumented Acme service, based on pcp-standalone.
PCP container with a Java "ACME Factory" example application, based on pcp-standalone
PCP container for running monitoring tools, based on pcp-base. Launches to a bash shell by default, or a named tool such as pmrep, pmiostat, etc.
PCP container for starting the Nginx web server, with the PCP agent enabled and configured. Based on pcp-standalone.
PCP container for starting the pmie service, based on pcp-base. This is intended to run alongside the pcp-collector and pcp-pmlogger containers.