Objenesis is a library dedicated to bypass the constructor when creating an object. On any JVM there is.

You can find the website and user documentation at http://objenesis.org.

Developer information

Project status

Build Status Maven Central

Environment setup

I’m using: - Maven 3.3.9 - IntelliJ Ultimate 2016.3 (thanks to JetBrains for the license) (it should also work with Eclipse)

To configure your local workspace: - Import the Maven parent project to Eclipse or IntelliJ - Import the Eclipse formatting file objenesis-formatting.xml (usable in Eclipse or IntelliJ)

To build with Maven

There are two different levels of build.

Build without any active profile

It is a basic compilation of the application.

mvn install

Full build

This build will create the source and javadoc jars and run findbugs.

mvn install -Pfull

To run special builds

Run the Android TCK

Run the benchmarks

bash mvn package -Pbenchmark cd benchmark ./launch.sh

Generate the website

mvn package -Pwebsite

To update the versions

Configure to deploy to the Sonatype maven repository

sonatype-nexus-snapshots sonatypeuser sonatypepassword sonatype-nexus-staging sonatypeuser sonatypepassword

``` - Then follow the instructions from the site below to create your key to sign the deployed items


To check dependencies and plugins versions

mvn versions:display-dependency-updates versions:display-plugin-updates -Pall

To update the license

mvn validate license:format -Pall

To release


bintray your-user-name your-api-key gpg.passphrase your-passphrase


If something fails and you need to rollback a bit, the following commands might help: bash mvn release:rollback -Pall git tag -d $version git push origin :refs/tags/$version git reset --hard HEAD~2

Deploy the website