Universal Solution

One distribution platform that supports all technologies. JFrog Bintray natively supports all major package formats, which allows you to work seamlessly with industry standard development, build and deployment tools. With support for massive scalability and worldwide coverage, this gives you the best native repository distribution available.

100% Automated via REST API

Open for automation, JFrog Bintray easily integrates with your existing DevOps ecosystem, such as your continuous integration pipeline and your internal repositories. A rich REST API allows you to control every aspect of your software distribution, manage who has access to your content, collect logs and analytics, and much more - all with the full automation expected of a modern software distribution platform.

Full Control and Security

Exercise fine-grained access control over who can view, upload to or download from your private repositories. Maintain any degree of control through a variety of means, such as IP and geographical restrictions, EULA acceptance and more. Automatically provision your organization users via API, or have them silently sign in with SAML authentication to your existing identity provider.

Integration with Artifactory

The out-of-the-box combination of the world's most powerful binary repository and distribution platform allows you to fully manage the complete distribution lifecycle. With Artifactory seamlessly and securely pushing release artifacts through its Distribution Repository to Bintray, these complementary products form a truly automated software delivery pipeline.

What Our Customers Say About Bintray