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Bintray, your social platform for software distribution
Bintray offers developers the fastest way to publish and consume OSS software releases. Whether you are distributing software packages or downloading ones, here’s how with just a couple of super-simple steps you can share and get software packages easier than ever:
What benefits does Bintray give me?
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Create a repository
to keep your packages in
e.g. groovy-plugins
Create a package
Give it a logical name
e.g.: json-parser-plugin
Create a version
e.g.: 0.9
Upload files
via the REST API or the UI
Your files will be uploaded to your repo and marked with package/version info.
You have a chance to review the uploaded files and decide if you want to make them public or discard.
Announce your release
Tweet it or copy the URL from the Set Me Up section
Search or browse for a library
Using natural language. No need to remember its name!
Set your:
Gradle / Maven / Yum / Apt
Use the repo Set Me Up button
Download directly
What benefits does Bintray give me?
  • Easiest way to share your software with the world
  • Get credit and appreciation for YOUR packages
  • Manage your release notes or import them from GitHub
  • Automate your distribution using REST API
  • Easy integration with Maven, Gradle, Yum and Apt
  • Your binaries are easy to find using metadata & text indexing
  • Near real-time stats
  • Interact and get feedback from users
  • Ask to include your software in other repositories
  • Your binaries are available through a fast CDN
  • One place for all your Java, Yum and Apt packages
  • Use smart REST API to retrieve and search for binaries
  • Easy integration with Maven, Gradle, Yum and Apt
  • Find binaries easily and naturally
  • See who is behind the package you downloaded
  • Check package popularity and rating
  • Get notifications about new releases
  • Interact with package owners and other users
  • Get downloads via a fast CDN