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A repository for Grails 3 plugins
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Grails cache plugin
Provides an ehcache implementation of the cache plugin
Improve your application performance with browser caching, with easy ways to set caching headers in controller responses
Grails Cascade Validation Plugin
GORM - Grails Data Access Framework
CKeditor web WYSIWYG editor integration plugin.
Grails clojure plugin
CMEditor is a simple way to use the popular CodeMirror web editor in grails applications. You can use it to edit pretty much anything that can be mapped to a file-like object. I.e. something with a filename and text-content. If your model requires additional fields this is supported, too. For example managing your library could be done by mapping filename to "Frank Tröger - CMEditor". The tabbed editor then could manage everything: Author, title, publication year and - of course - the books content in a nice-to-use CodeMirror editor. You could even edit multiple books simultaneously. Check out our demo grails project at https://github.com/RRZE-PP/grails-cmeditor-demo.