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Gradle plugin that finds unused dependencies, declared and transitive.
Gradle plugin for blazing fast standalone application development cycle
A Gradle plugin that provides a task infrastructure to perform REST requests.
SCD4J stands for Simple Continuous Delivery for Java and Groovy Developer. In short, SCD4J is an automation platform for configuring and installing your Web IT infrastructure. With just one command you can install clusters and deploy applications. Note that SCD4J is not another option for Puppet or Chef. It is, actually, a SIMPLER option than those tools. To know more about SCD4J, please take a look at https://github.com/scd4j/gradle-plugins/wiki
Generating ViewHolders from xml files without the use of annotations..
Gradle plugin for resizing Android drawables for lower screen densities
Gradle plugin for generating localized string resources
Gradle plugin for generating localized string resources