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This tutorial goes through the steps of a simple file download from Bintray’s JCenter repository. Since all files on JCenter are public, you can simply search for the file and download it even if you don’t have a Bintray account.

In this tutorial, we will find the latest version of JFrog Artifactory Pro standalone installation, and then show how to download it using Bintray’s UI as well as through a command line or shell script.

Downloading via the UI

To download via the UI, we need to to access the latest version page of the file we want to download and simply click the download file.

Searching for the File

To find the file, let’s use Bintray’s search feature.



In the search box in Bintray’s top ribbon, search for "Artifactory Pro".

Bintray displays a long list of results.

Click the Repositories tab

Bintray displays the repositories that match the search term. The top result item seems to be a good bet.

Search results

Navigating and Downloading

Once we have found the repository that contains the package we are looking for, we can click the corresponding link, and then navigate within the repository to find the right file to download.



In the list of search results from the previous step, click the jfrog/artifactory-pro link

Bintray displays the artifactory-pro repository owned by jfrog. We can see that this repository contains a single package, jfrog-artifactory-pro-zip, and the latest version for the package is 4.4.2 (at the time this tutorial was written).

Artifactory Pro package

Click the latest version link (framed in the previous step)

Bintray displays the Version page for the latest version of the jfrog-artifactory-pro-zip package. The latest version download file is listed under the Downloads section.

Artifactory Pro latest version download file

Click the download link

The file is downloaded.

Downloading Using cURL

To download using cURL, we need to know the full download path of the file.

Using "Set Me Up"

Bintray’s "Set Me Up" feature will provide you with the cURL command you can use to download the file.



Follow the steps for downloading via the UI to display the version page for the latest version of the package you want to download

Bintray displays the Version page.

Version page

Click Set Me Up.

Bintray displays the cURL command you can use to download the file, however, you still need the full file path within the repository.

Version page

Copy the cURL command to a temporary location. You will complete it once you have the complete file download path.

Go back to the version page of the previous step and click the Files tab

The files tab displays the version files as well as their path within the repository.

Files tab

Given the file path and the full file name, you can now assemble the fully qualified file name you need for the cURL command. Your output file name will typically match the downloaded file name. The cURL command for this tutorial should be:

curl -L "" -o