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Bintray offers a free trial which lets you try the features of the Enterprise Edition plan with no obligation and without requiring any billing details from you. During the trial period, you will have access to all the plan features (although there are minor usage limitations to prevent misuse). Note that there is no free trial for the Pro Edition plan.

Signing Up for a Free Trial

You can sign up for a free trial if:

  • you have a Bintray account, and

  • none of your organizations is already on a premium plan.

To sign up for a free trial, go to the Pricing page which you can reach from different places on Bintray as described in Upgrading to Premium. You can only use the free trial for one of your organizations at a time.

Select organization

Once you have selected the organization that will be on the free trial, Bintray will display the corresponding registration form for you to fill in. Once you submit the form, your trial begins immediately.

Professional user and his repositories

What You Get With a Free Trial?

A free trial gives you full access to all features offered with the Enterprise Edition plan*, the details of which you can see on Bintray’s Pricing page.

*To avoid misuse during the trial period, Bintray does limit your downloads to 2 Terabytes and your storage to 20 Gigabytes. These limitations are removed if you purchase the plan.

Who Can Be on a Free Trial?

You can register any of your organizations for the free trial, but only one of them can be active on the trial at a time.

The Free Trial Period

The free trial period is 30 days. During this period, your registered organization is effectively on the Enterprise Edition plan.

During the trial period, the top ribbon will indicate how many days are left in the current trial period.
Remaining days on trial

Transferring a Trial Between Your Entities

Only one of your organizations can be active on the trial at any one time. However, each of your organizations is entitled to its own trial. For example, if you have created two organizations, you can start with the first organization on the free trial. Once the trial period lapses, or if you cancel the trial, you can then register the other organization for its own free trial.

To transfer the trial from one orgaization to another, you first need to cancel the trial for the currently active organization from its dashboard.

Canceling a trial

Canceling the trial for an organization has the same effects as ending the trial.

Once you have canceled the trial for your currently active organization, you can register another one for a trial in the same way you registered the first one, from the Pricing page.

Ending a Trial

The trial period for each organization ends 30 days after you first registered it for the trial.
At this time:

  • All repositories under the trial plan are deleted (Note that repositories that are still under the free Community plan will remain intact)

  • All download logs and live logs for repositories under the trial plan are deleted

  • All dashboard stats for repositories under the trial plan are deleted

Similarly, if you manually cancel one of your organizations from the trial, its premium repositories, logs and stats are deleted.

Taking a Trial Again

You may register for a trial period more than once, but there is a limitation. At the end of the 30 day trial period, the organization that was registered for the trial will enter a 30-day silent period during which you may not register it for the trial again. During that time, you only have the option of purchasing the Enterprise Edition plan for that organization. Once the silent period has ended, you will have the option of signing one of your organizations up for another trial period.

Purchasing a Plan

During the trial period, or any time after, you may purchase a plan for the currently active entity on the Pricing page.

Purchasing an active trial

To purchase the Pro Edition plan, click Buy Now. You will be prompted for your billing details after which your monthly charges will become effective starting from the same day you purchased the Pro Edition plan. Naturally, since you have now purchased the plan, any Premium repositories, logs and stats associated with it will be maintained by Bintray as long as you maintain your Premium plan.
Entering billing details Entering payment details

Changing Payment Details

Once you are on a paid plan, you may change your billing details at any time from your Dashboard.

Changing payment details

Your new payment method will be charged from the next billing run.