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Any changes to your account are made on the Account tab of your Dashboard. The quickest way to get there is by clicking the Pricing button on the top ribbon of any page in Bintray. You can also get there by clicking the Premium Dashboard button on your profile page, and from there clicking the Account tab. Once on the Account tab, you can upgrade to Pro or Enterprise, and if you are already on one of premium plans, you can revert to the Community plan at any time.

Switching Between Plans

Switching between the different available plans affects the features that are available to you on Bintray as well as the monthly charge.

Upgrading to Enterprise

To upgrade from any plan to Enterprise, on the Pricing page, click Get a Quote, fill in and send the resulting form, and a Bintray representative will contact you to tailor a plan that meets your needs. Note that if you are currently on the Open Source plan, then you are entitled to a free trial on the Enterprise plans before you need to make a purchase. For more details, please refer to Selecting a Plan

Reverting to Open Source

You should take great care before canceling your Premium account. Once you cancel your account, all your premium repositories will be deleted permanently.

If you are sure you wish to revert to an Open Source account, select Cancel Pro. Bintray will display a dialog for you to confirm cancelation.

Reverting to the Open Source plan

Changing Your Payment Details

You may change your payment details at any time. At the beginning of each month, Bintray initiates a billing run and will charge the last credit card that you configured in your account. To change your payment details, click the Change Credit Card Details button. Bintray will display a dialog where you can update your credit card information.
When done, click the Update button. Once Bintray successfully validates the new payment information, your update will take effect, and future payments will be taken according to the new information entered.

Changing payment details