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Welcome to the Bintray User Manual.
Bintray is a cloud platform that gives you full control over how you publish, store, promote, and distribute software. As a universal distribution platform, Bintray supports all file formats and offers advanced integration with common development technologies including:

  • Docker

  • Conan

  • Debian

  • Maven

  • RPM

  • npm

  • NuGet

  • Vagrant

  • Opkg

Just point the corresponding client at Bintray to upload and download packages, search repositories or execute any operation to continue working transparently with Bintray.

As the most advanced platform for distributing software, Bintray offers:

  • Private repositories with fine-grained access control
    Bintray offers a variety of security features allowing you to control access to your content from the level of a complete repository down to a single file, and from whole organizations down to a single user.

    • Authenticate users through your corporate SAML server

    • Assemble your users into organizations and teams.

    • Apply your internal access policies with permissions.

    • Use signed URLs to offer time-limited anonymous access to files in private repositories while authenticating yourself as the publisher.

    • Exercise fine-grained access control with access entitlements from the level of a complete repository down to a specific path within the repository both to Bintray users and to external consumers.

  • 100% automation
    Bintray exposes a rich REST API that allows you do everything from creating packages and versions to running searches and managing webhooks. Through the REST API Bintray integrates with different tools and systems allowing you to fully automate your development pipeline all the way through distribution of your software out to internal and external consumers.

  • Stats and logs
    Bintray gives you detailed stats showing how your software packages have been downloaded available on Bintray’s UI or via the REST API.

  • Download speed and reliability
    Bintray is globally deployed on US, European and Asian clusters and provisions files over rapid Akamai or Cloudfront CDN. To keep your data safe, Bintray data is backed up and replicated across multiple cloud providers.

How This Manual is Organized

This user manual is organized into the following main sections:

  • Introduction (this section): Provides a high-level overview of Bintray focusing on key concepts and main features that are available.

  • Getting Started: Helps you take your first steps using Bintray and provides tutorials to get you going.

  • Working With Supported Package Formats: Explains about the advanced support for specific package formats and how to work seamlessly with the corresponding client for each format.

  • Bintray Premium: Explains how to upgrade your account and enjoy unlimited repository storage, unlimited downloads, access control and all the other benefits of Bintray Premium.

  • Downloads: Provides all the information needed to search for the software you need and then download it from Bintray.

  • Uploads: Provides all the information about how to upload, manage and promote your material using Bintray.

  • Importing From GitHub: Provides information about how to make the best use of material you have on GitHub that is related to the packages you want to distribute with Bintray.

  • Interacting: Explains and details the options of how you can interact with other users.

Support for IPv6

Accessing Bintray using IPv6 is not currently supported.