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Bintray users who are subscribed with a Premium Plan can import organizations and their members from GitHub.

If you are the owner of a Bintray organization you can import members from GitHub as long as those members have a Bintray account. The members' privileges in GitHub will be stored in Bintray.

The two organizations can be synced so that the addition or removal of a member in the GitHub organization will be reflected in the Bintray organization.
This option saves you the time and effort of updating the organization structure in both GitHub and Bintray.

Before you can import an organization Bintray must be granted access to GitHub information. For more information please refer to Authorizing Bintray to Import from GitHub.

The GitHub authorization in Bintray is carried out during the import procedure.

You can import an organization from GitHub to Bintray as follows:

  1. Create a Bintray organization by browsing to your profile page in Bintray. Under organization, click Add New Organization.

    Create new organization

  2. Select the Import from GitHub option.

    Create new organization or import from GitHub

  3. This will take you through the necessary steps to select the organization you want to import. You can import all organizations that you own, and that have not been imported to Bintray yet.

    Select organizations to import from GitHub

    If you do not have the necessary GitHub authorizations for the import, you’ll need to provide them during the process.

    To enable access:

    1. First go to your GitHub Account settings page, "Organizations" option.

      Grand access to organization from GitHub

    2. From the list of available organizations, click on the one to authorize, and go to its "Settings" tab. Under the "Organization settings", click "Third-party access".

      Grand access to organization from GitHub

    3. Click "Remove restrictions".

      Grand access to organization from GitHub

    4. Return to Bintray and select the GitHub organization to import.

      Grand access to organization from GitHub

  4. Once the organization is imported, it becomes a regular Bintray organization. Now, you can edit the organization attributes.

    Grand access to organization from GitHub

  5. At this point, all organization operations are available: for example creating a new repository (or importing one), or editing its profile, adding members.

    Create new organization or import from GitHub

    Note that you can also create a new organization in Bintray, and associate it with a GitHub organization any time from the organization’s profile page, in the Accounts section. All GitHub organizations that you own, that are not already linked to Bintray will be displayed in the drop down list. Select the GitHub organization to be associated with your Bintray organization.

Organization was created successfully

Syncing Organization Members with GitHub

Once an organization is created, you can import new members from GitHub. You can also keep the Bintray members synced with GitHub.

Note that in order to import the organization’s members and keep them synced with GitHub, you need one of the Bintray Premium Plan accounts and a GitHub account. You also need to select the Sync option in the organization profile page, under members.

Grand access to orgranization from GitHub

When you sync the members of an organization with GitHub, those members that do not have a GitHub account will be erased from list of members, and a confirmation message is displayed to this effect:
Grand access to orgranization from GitHub

All Bintray users that are authorized with GitHub will receive a request to join the Bintray organization, in their Bintray message box. A member is added to the organization in Bintray as soon as he/she has approved the request to join. The new member’s team in GitHub is also imported.

You can always enable or disable the Sync option from the organization profile page:
Grant access to orgranization from GitHub