Owned by Asciidoctor
Libraries and plugins for processing AsciiDoc on the JVM using Asciidoctor and JRuby.
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Asciidoclet is a Javadoc Doclet based on Asciidoctor that lets you write Javadoc in the AsciiDoc syntax.
A Gradle plugin that uses Asciidoctor via JRuby to process AsciiDoc source files within the project
A backend for AsciidoctorJ to generate Leanpub-flavoured Markdown
The Asciidoctor Maven Plugin is the official plugin for Apache Maven to convert and publish all the AsciiDoc documentation in your project using Asciidoctor.
Asciidoctor Java integration & API - Welcomes Asciidoctor to the JVM!
An Arquillian extension that injects Asciidoctor instances as ArquillianResource