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How it works

Distribution as a service

Your package hosting and download center infrastructure for automated software distribution!

(Serving 126,127 packages in 40,716 repositories)

What is Bintray?

Made for Developers

Bintray's powerful feature set supports full automation when distributing your software:

Private Repositories

  • Distribute private content securely
  • Manage teams and permissions
  • Manage organization memberships
  • Signed, one-off download URLs with optional expiry

100% Automated

  • Rich REST API
  • GitHub integration for user and release management
  • Integrates with your CI and development ecosystem
  • The ultimate backend for your Download Center
  • Searchable metadata
  • Push release artifacts for distribution directly from Artifactory

Stats & Logs

  • Advanced download stats, in cross-sections of version, geography, etc
  • Download your access logs in Apache-style format
  • Callbacks for specific file downloads
  • Callbacks for new version releases

Fast & Reliable

  • Globally deployed on both US and Europe clusters
  • Ultra-fast CDN for downloads
  • Data is backed up and replicated across multiple cloud providers

OSS Savvy - Always!

  • Free for OSS distribution
  • Credits and exposes OSS contributors
  • Smart package sharing via inter-repo package inclusion
  • Seamlessly integrates with your GitHub tags and releases
  • Serves the most popular, high bandwidth packages
  • Hosts JCenter, the biggest Java library repo out there
  • Extended stats for OSS packages
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